Social Network Content Creation Has Peaked

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Is social media content skyrocketing? It would seem so.

Over 800 million people are now members of Facebook and Twitter is now getting about two billion tweets per month. The stats show that social networking in the U.S. is on the rise, jumping from 51% in 2009 to 59% in 2010.

But a recent study by Forrester suggests that while participation on social networks is on the rise, the actual content creation may not be leveling off.

Forrester classifies social network users by type: Creators, Conversationalists, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Inactives. During the past year, Forrester’s research has shown no measurable growth in the Creators category. Creators is the group that actually creates social content.

If you take a look at the U.S., Creators have actually dipped a percentage point – from 24% in 2009 to 23% in 2010. While watching video is becoming more of the norm – one-third of all online consumers in the U.S. regularly watch user-generated videos – only 10% of consumers upload it to public sites. It appears that the average user feels more at home being passive and reading or viewing other people’s content.


What’s it Take to be a Social Media Maven?

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last piece of the puzzleDo you want to excel at being a social media maven? Well, everyone knows that you have to have something to say, be able to express it well, and know a great deal about mundane things such as how to include keywords, link, and proper formatting. But beyond that, what does it really take?

Here’s my Top-3 List.

Be a Visionary. A visionary or dreamer is someone who can imagine fully what the future might look like. We’re not talking about predicting what’s going to happen tomorrow, but having a clear vision for a new concept, a great business, or work of art. Having a dream and loving that dream is the first step to actually making it happen.

Be Analytical. A person who can break down the whole and separate it into its elemental parts. An individual who enters a situation with eyes wide open. But they must have first done their homework, studied the possible outcomes, and had a full understanding of the pitfalls, risks, and rewards.

Be a Connector. An individual who knows how to make relationships easily. The type of person that seeks out other people and is good at gathering the necessary resources that are required to build a network from the ground up. Social media is really about only two thing – 1) talking (or writing), and 2) relationships. Great connectors are good at both.

Connection – The Key to Conversation

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druming around the fire“The story” has been the most powerful way to make a connection with others since our ancient ancestors gathered around tribal fires to tell tales of the hunt.  It’s still true today – no matter if you are a writer using a blog, a salesman using the phone, or a mom talking directly to her child. It’s all about making a connecting through stories and conversation.

plug-in-300x299Doug Firebaugh wrote, on his blog.360 “The base of Social Media Marketing is about Conversation… but the platform the base is hosted on I believe is CONNECTION. …Conversation does not happen without Connection, and without a reaching out on someone’s part. Connection is the START of where it all happens in Social Media.”

Connection  is the foundation that Facebook, Ning,Twitter, and YouTube are built on. My wife, Betsy Ross, a psychotherapist and doctoral candidate, tells me that no matter how amazing the technology, how cool the tools, “If there is no connection, there is no discussion.” There may be an exchange of ideas, but no conversion of points of view. And if you can’t convert, you certainly can’t close a sale. Maybe that’s why banner ads “suck” and social media reins. (more…)

User Generated Content – A Simple Primer

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people dolls

What are the most common forms of UGC? – Errr…hold on just a second. What on earth is “UGC” and why should I care? And how can UGC help me to reach clients and customers, and grow my business?

Wikipedia defines UGC (user generated content) as “various kinds of media content, publicly available, that are produced by the end-user.” The idea of free content has been the central theme of media for decades. Consumers have been willing to receive free content, such as commercial radio, cable, and television broadcasts, in exchange for watching advertising. (more…)

What is “Social Media Marketing”?

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Social media marketing is a way to engage with clients, customers, prospects, and partners in ways that have never before been possible – through specific targeting and conversation. Today, social media marketing is having a huge impact on the marketing strategies of all organizations – big and small. It’s also leveling the playing field – you no longer need to have a five, six, or seven figure advertising budget to draw attention to your product or service.

“Traditional marketing” – one-way, push-oriented and interrupt-driven.

commercial_250x251This type of marketing is “pushed” onto the prospective buyer. The prospect doesn’t ask for them and they usually interrupted them from whatever they were doing – like watching a TV show or listening to the radio. Generally we tuned them out – or were sometimes entertained by them, but usually forgot about the product they were supposed to be exposing us to.


4 Rules for Choosing the Right Keywords

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Online advertising is more powerful than traditional offline media because you have a far greater ability to target and segment your audience using keywords. Keywords are vital to a web marketing campaign. When compiling a list of keywords (or keyphrases), keep this is in mind:
• Misspellings – if your products name is RegalSin, 10% may type RegalSun. Make sure you are covered (buy up names that are close and redirect traffic).
• Plurals and synonyms – get both
• Adding locations to words and phrases (for both geotargeting and for local search)
• Avoid using too general of terms (example: If you’re are selling wine in Boston, targeting the keywords “wine” is most likely unattainable because of the cost (everyone wants it)
• Avoid focusing on on “the very long-tail”. Long-tail is great – such as “white wine in Boston” but, sometimes you may get carried away: example: how many people will be searching for “inexpensive white chardonnay 1975 Boston Ma”?

Using Twitter Trends to Boost Blog Traffic

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Written by Kandice Day for

twitterbirdCheck out this story about how to use Twitter Trends to boost your blog traffic. I’m fairly new to social media marketing, but what I’ve learned in the past few days has changed the direction of my blog topics.

USE TWITTER TRENDS! I can’t stress this enough. For the most part, whatever is trending on Twitter is probably a hot topic all over the web…
Simply from experience, however, I’ve found that whatever people are talking about on Twitter, they’re probably searching for on Google.

Check out the Full Article

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Marketing

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Simple Design Images that wink & blink
Ad-Free Content Obtrusive Ads
Non-Commercial Content Forced Registration
Ingenious Graphics Poorly Designed Site Search
Scanability Hard-to-Read Text
Clear Navigation Icons that have no meaning
Printable Pages Flash Pages You Can’t Print

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers – Circa 2009

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2001babyArthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, once said, “It is the business of the future to be dangerous.” Its now 2009 — eight years later than that mythical date — and the future has arrive for social media. Some attorneys have already boarded the new “Enterprise”, but a great many have stayed away. But they won’t be for long, as their competition is gaining. Their leveraging Social Media to enhance their reputations and get new (and more profitable) clients.

Predicting the future is close to impossible, and often fruitless in times of rapid change. Nonetheless, here are my predictions for how lawyers will leverage social media marketing to grow their business. (more…)

4 Quick Ways You Can Benefit from Social Media

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You’re a busy attorney, doctor, or home-fixer-upper. You’ve heard a lot about social media marketing, but you can only afford to make a small to medium investment in time (2-5 hours per week –max). Here are four ways that professionals and small businesses owners like you can get a big ROI .

  1. Start a blog
  2. Comment on other blogs
  3. Become an active “expert” on Yahoo Answers
  4. Make and share videos

Interested? (more…)