Microblogging for Attorneys – Tumblr

Posted in Lawyers, Microblogging by lawrenceiross007 on March 7, 2009

Like its cousin Twitter, Tumblr is a microblogging service (max 144 characters) that allows users to postof text messages and links. Tumblr is terrific, because it also allows users to upload photos, audio and video. And like Twitter, Tumblr microbloggers can follow people and have their own “followers,” plus they can “reblog” posts (that’s “retweeting” in Twitter parlance).

Question: But if Twitter is “the microblogging platform”, why sign up for Tumblr?
Aswer: You can increase your reach by joining more than one microblogging service. If some of your clients (or prospective clients) are on Tumblr, you should be there too.

But make it easy on yourself. If you are microblogging on more than one platform, you should consider using a service that will allow you to post once and have your post distributed to multiple platforms.

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