4 Quick Ways You Can Benefit from Social Media

Posted in Small Business, Social Media Marketing by lawrenceiross007 on June 7, 2009

You’re a busy attorney, doctor, or home-fixer-upper. You’ve heard a lot about social media marketing, but you can only afford to make a small to medium investment in time (2-5 hours per week –max). Here are four ways that professionals and small businesses owners like you can get a big ROI .

  1. Start a blog
  2. Comment on other blogs
  3. Become an active “expert” on Yahoo Answers
  4. Make and share videos

Interested?1. Start blogging. Blogging has been around for at least seven years now. But it’s still one of the best ways to make a connection and begin a dialogue with future clients and customers. My favorite blogging software is WordPress – and it’s free. How much time do you need to invest? It’s really up to you, but the more time that you spend, the better the result. Experts will tell you that you need to blog 2-3 times per week with a short 250-350 word “post”. But you don’t have to hit full speed right out to the gate. Take small steps – start with one a week and slowly increase your comfort level and increase your time investment.

2. Comment on other people’s blogs. Blogging is about connecting and joining in on the conversation. You can’t do this by working in a vacuum — you’ve got to read what other people in your field or industry have to say and offer your own comments. Make sure to use your name (or screen name if your shy) and your blog URL when you write a comment. Leaving comments on other blogs will help drive traffic to your blog.

3. Try Yahoo Answers. Your biggest draw is your expertise. If you run a service-based business a an attorney, a doctor, or a tax professional, information is your No. 1 marketing tool. Don’t be stingy — give some of it away for free. Yahoo Answers is a good place to share your knowledge and expertise, a connect with potential clients and customers. Try it for 30 minutes a week. I think you’ll find that for a small investment in time, the returns (traffic to your blog) are exceptional. But don’t do this before you’ve developed your blog and have some content to show.

4a. Make and share videos. Anyone can make a video today. And if you are a clutz — than hire a teenager or college student. Everyone loves “How-to” videos.

If you are a handyman, show us how you fixed a sink or repaired the flashing on the roof (Be your own Bob Vila). If you paint houses – show us the “Before and After” images. Remember, a picture (in this case a video) is worth a thousand words. Got a restaurant? Want to introduce new clients to your chef who makes a mean Texas Chili? Show them how he makes it. Share the recipe on Send an notification to current clients and ask them to forward it to their friends. Offer them a $5-off coupon for helping to drive in new customers. It may sound cute,  but “stuff” like this really works. Why? Because, people love three things (aside from sex) — food, friends, and their kids. This technique covers two out of three of them.

In addition to using the videos on your Web site or blog, post them on YouTube.

Have a few advertising dollars to spread around? Local search is now also embracing the use of video — CitySearch recently announced that local video ads will be added to its listings, and is also pursuing video opportunities.


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