What is “Social Media Marketing”?

Posted in Social Media Marketing by lawrenceiross007 on June 10, 2009

Social media marketing is a way to engage with clients, customers, prospects, and partners in ways that have never before been possible – through specific targeting and conversation. Today, social media marketing is having a huge impact on the marketing strategies of all organizations – big and small. It’s also leveling the playing field – you no longer need to have a five, six, or seven figure advertising budget to draw attention to your product or service.

“Traditional marketing” – one-way, push-oriented and interrupt-driven.

commercial_250x251This type of marketing is “pushed” onto the prospective buyer. The prospect doesn’t ask for them and they usually interrupted them from whatever they were doing – like watching a TV show or listening to the radio. Generally we tuned them out – or were sometimes entertained by them, but usually forgot about the product they were supposed to be exposing us to.

Social Media Marketing is not only augmenting and enhancing , but in many cases replacing the “old” forms of marketing. It’s radically different from traditional forms of marketing in a few fundamental and dramatic ways.

Traditional marketing has two major forms:
• Direct marketing – focusing on generating leads (and revenue): tradeshows, websites, seminars/webinars, email blasts, direct (junk) mail, pop up ads, etc.
• Brand marketing – “softer” and seeks to create an image or a reputation for a company or product in the mind of the customer: advertising, public relations, analyst relations, sponsorships, logos, tag lines, etc.

Social Media Marketing has altogether new set of characteristics:
social_networks• A multi-way dialog. Brands (or companies) talk to customers, customers talk to brands, and customers (or clients) talk to each other. This is a new and was never possible before Web 2.0 came on the scene.
• Participatory. Good social media marketing depends on user getting involved and participating. Without participation – it’s not social.
• User-generated. Most of the content and connections made in an online community are created by the users themselves. Some content and part of the conversation can be generated by the brand or the company, but its got to be in the minority or it will be perceived as being an advertisement or phony. The goal of social media is to get people (users) talking (hopefully about something that relates to or is tangential to your product or service).

UGC happy-userYoung, Fast, and Scientific can help you by building on-line communities that combine two key areas:
• User-generated content (blogs, wikis, discussions, photos, videos, voting, etc.)
• Social networking (friend lists, user-created groups, status, presence, etc.)


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