Social Network Content Creation Has Peaked

Posted in Uncategorized by lawrenceiross007 on October 13, 2010

Is social media content skyrocketing? It would seem so.

Over 800 million people are now members of Facebook and Twitter is now getting about two billion tweets per month. The stats show that social networking in the U.S. is on the rise, jumping from 51% in 2009 to 59% in 2010.

But a recent study by Forrester suggests that while participation on social networks is on the rise, the actual content creation may not be leveling off.

Forrester classifies social network users by type: Creators, Conversationalists, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Inactives. During the past year, Forrester’s research has shown no measurable growth in the Creators category. Creators is the group that actually creates social content.

If you take a look at the U.S., Creators have actually dipped a percentage point – from 24% in 2009 to 23% in 2010. While watching video is becoming more of the norm – one-third of all online consumers in the U.S. regularly watch user-generated videos – only 10% of consumers upload it to public sites. It appears that the average user feels more at home being passive and reading or viewing other people’s content.


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