Home About Us Clients Process Projects Services Team – offers the most comprehensive online coverage of live theater in the world. The site features the latest theater news, interviews with stage actors and playwrights, opening-night coverage, original theater reviews, and video excerpts from selected shows. also offers current box office results, show synopses, credits and biographies, video previews, showtunes, and an in-depth Tony Awards® area. sells more tickets (over $80 million in 2008) than any other single venue in the world – other than Broadway itself. – I was unhappy with the result I was getting advertising as a Tax Preparer in the local papers, passing out brochures, and attending networking events. So I decided to put up some FREE ads on Craigslist and drive the traffic to a blog that I developed to demonstrate my expertise and to read tips, advice, comments, and my Tax rant. The results were truly amazing.  During tax season I was completley booked with clients – at times more than I could handle – and I spend nothing ($0) on advertising. I told my friends and they asked me if I could help them get clients. That’s when I decided to launch Young, Fast, and Scientific, to help other professionals get clients and grow their business. (formerly name eBizJets) –  Having pioneered the membership approach to private travel in 1999, Sentient Flight Group has been providing leadership and value to private travelers for ten years. Sentient is led by an experienced management team with more than 35 combined years of experience at the company, and has the stable and secure backing of one of the world’s leading global investment firms, Macquarie Group. – one of the leading movie entertainment sites on the Internet, featuring over one million pages of in-depth movie information, blogs, entertainment news, fan sites, gossip, photos, polls, reviews, showtime listings, social networks (on Facebook and Twitter)  and thousands of hours of short-form video interviews and behind-the-scenes. – is the leading online movie-ticketing destination. It is a joint venture with partners Viacom Inc., AMC Entertainment, National Amusements, Famous Players and several other theater chains that collectively operate theaters located in all of the top 10 markets and in approximately 70% of the top 50 markets nationwide. Featuring in-depth movie information, entertainment news, photos, polls, reviews, showtime listings,  and video trailers. – My brother, Barton Ross, is a dentist, and a great one practicing in Boca Raton, Fl.  Back in 2008, he told me that his Yellow Pages ads were no longer producing results, like they had in years prior. Seems most people who need a new dentist either ask a friend or Google it. He wanted something very simple, so I helped him develop a simple website with one purpose – drive new prospects to call or email him. My brother has informed me, that every week, he gets at least one more new patient as a result. – Cendant’s free travel search site designed to help travelers like you find the cheapest flights, cheapest hotels, cheapest car rentals, and cheapest vacation packages across all of your favorite travel websites with one easy click. – Science fiction and personal development all rolled into on. Currently in development

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Home About Us Clients Process Projects Services Team

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