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Young, Fast, and Scientific provides individuals, professionals, and small business owners strategic guidance and expert services in the design, implementation, and management of your blog, website, social community or network.

We will not only help you build your social network from the ground up, but work with you ongoing to maintain it.

Here’s how we can help you:

Brainstorm & Set Goals, Strategy, and Tactics

  • Facilitate a discussion to help you determine your internet and social media goals
  • Collaborate with you on how to achieve those goals within budget, resources, and time constraints
  • Develop tactics, timeline and editorial publishing schedule (who does what and when)
  • Help you to develop realistic goals, and the strategy and tactics that translate into business results

Build Audience

  • Build a community of loyal clients that helps spread the word about you and your service
  • Drive traffic to your website from your blog, and from Facebook, Linkedin, Ning, and Twitter
  • Attract a stream of new prospects and help you to develop them into new clients


  • Train your team on how to efficiently & effectively use  Digg, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter
  • Train your team how to manage comments and develop inbound links
  • Create keyword rich content that gets recognized by Google and other search engines

Develop Content

  • Write (or teach you to write) compelling articles, blogs, How To’s, Top-10 lists, and Tweets
  • Help get you recognized by Google and other search engines with SEO (search engine optimization)

Be Your Community Manager and/or Editorial Director

  • Build audience, motivate participation, and insure that your content is compelling and fresh across all of your online properties
  • Write or edit articles and blog posts, respond to comments, and develop and produce polls, podcasts and viral videos that draw attention and drive traffic

What level of time commitment is required and how much would it cost

Contact us to find out more about how I can help you build, enhance, and refine the effectiveness of your online presence, attract new clients, and accelerate your business.

Home About Us Clients Process Projects Services Team

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