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LARRY_ROCKETLarry Ross is the founder of Young, Fast and Scientific, a small Internet & social media marketing consulting group helping small business owners and professionals to enhance their reputations, attract new and more profitable clients, and grow their business.

Larry helped Dr. Carl Sagan and Astronaut Mike Mullane promote a new book, the Deputy Director of the CIA and President of Greenpeace USA reach a vast audience, actor Leonard Nimoy and author Mickey Spillane sell hot new media property, and a Boca Raton dentist and a Boston divorce mediator expand their practice.

With a half-dozen other ‘nutjobs’ – that’s what Rolling Stone called them in 1995 – he helped create three successful startups: Big Entertainment – a pioneer in Kids online entertainment; Hollywood Media Corp. –,, and; and what Broadcasting & Cable Magazine called “the most successful concept in cable TV history” – the SciFi Channel (SyFy). Larry also developed enterprise-level websites for Fortune 2000s in aerospace, finance, health and travel , over 500 blogs and fan sites, and more than one-hundred hours of science & technology television programming for cable television and PBS.

Larry is the former Vice President of Content Strategy & Editorial Director of (Nasdaq: HOLL), Creative Director of Commerce One (Nasdaq: CMRC), Founding Member of the Sci-Fi Channel, and Producer, Writer and/or Editor of TV shows and Internet projects for the Discovery Channel, Disney-MGM Studios, Emmy Awards, National Academy of Sciences, National Air & Space Museum, and PBS (American Experience and NOVA). He shares a National Emmy Award for the six-part documentary television series, Planet Earth.

Larry holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida and an MFA in Cinema -Television from the University of Southern California.
The Extended Team

hands teamYoung, Fast, and Scientific collaborates with expert writers, editors, web designers, programmers, and video artists specially selected to meet the needs of your particular project and goals.

Contact us for more information about how Young, Fast, and Scientific can help you to enhance your reputation, get more clients, and achieve your business goals.

Home About Us Clients Process Projects Services Team

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