What’s it Take to be a Social Media Maven?

Posted in Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing by lawrenceiross007 on August 2, 2009
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last piece of the puzzleDo you want to excel at being a social media maven? Well, everyone knows that you have to have something to say, be able to express it well, and know a great deal about mundane things such as how to include keywords, link, and proper formatting. But beyond that, what does it really take?

Here’s my Top-3 List.

Be a Visionary. A visionary or dreamer is someone who can imagine fully what the future might look like. We’re not talking about predicting what’s going to happen tomorrow, but having a clear vision for a new concept, a great business, or work of art. Having a dream and loving that dream is the first step to actually making it happen.

Be Analytical. A person who can break down the whole and separate it into its elemental parts. An individual who enters a situation with eyes wide open. But they must have first done their homework, studied the possible outcomes, and had a full understanding of the pitfalls, risks, and rewards.

Be a Connector. An individual who knows how to make relationships easily. The type of person that seeks out other people and is good at gathering the necessary resources that are required to build a network from the ground up. Social media is really about only two thing – 1) talking (or writing), and 2) relationships. Great connectors are good at both.


User Generated Content – A Simple Primer

Posted in Blogging, User Generated Content by lawrenceiross007 on July 5, 2009

people dolls

What are the most common forms of UGC? – Errr…hold on just a second. What on earth is “UGC” and why should I care? And how can UGC help me to reach clients and customers, and grow my business?

Wikipedia defines UGC (user generated content) as “various kinds of media content, publicly available, that are produced by the end-user.” The idea of free content has been the central theme of media for decades. Consumers have been willing to receive free content, such as commercial radio, cable, and television broadcasts, in exchange for watching advertising. (more…)

Using Twitter Trends to Boost Blog Traffic

Posted in Blogging, Twitter by lawrenceiross007 on June 8, 2009

Written by Kandice Day for

twitterbirdCheck out this story about how to use Twitter Trends to boost your blog traffic. I’m fairly new to social media marketing, but what I’ve learned in the past few days has changed the direction of my blog topics.

USE TWITTER TRENDS! I can’t stress this enough. For the most part, whatever is trending on Twitter is probably a hot topic all over the web…
Simply from experience, however, I’ve found that whatever people are talking about on Twitter, they’re probably searching for on Google.

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Choosing a Blog Topic or Niche

Posted in Blogging by lawrenceiross007 on June 7, 2009

If you are new to websites and if you don’t have a previously developed blog , then the first step is to find a niche or topic . Finding the correct niche or topic is the most important factor in the SEO process. The topic or niche can be divided in to three according to the competition
1. Highly competative : Highly competitive niche includes credit cards, mortages etc. As the name suggest it takes some takes a lot of time and effort to rank some where in the competitive area.
2. Moderate competition : Moderate competitive areas are where we can get a place in the search engine listing much easily .
3. Low competition : There are areas usually local important like kerala cars,new york city bar,..etc
Finding Your niche for blogging ?
Ask the following questions to yourself ..
• which is my area of interest ?
o Are you a technology freak? are you a good reader of books? are you good in body building ? Try to find your area of interest .
• If i start a site on a topic , can i provide something current sites are nor providing right now?
o I know many new tricks for a computer user which none can’t find in the websites. Then go and build a computer tricks and tips site.
• What is the competition for my niche ?
o Don’t go for highly competitive niches like mortages , loans etc .You can go for such keywords , if you can emply somone for blog promotion or you have a very long time frame .
• Who all are my target audience?
o Find the tareget audience , age ,geographic location (good while deciding about monetisation and advertising ).