Connection – The Key to Conversation

Posted in Community, Social Media Marketing by lawrenceiross007 on July 27, 2009
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druming around the fire“The story” has been the most powerful way to make a connection with others since our ancient ancestors gathered around tribal fires to tell tales of the hunt.¬† It’s still true today – no matter if you are a writer using a blog, a salesman using the phone, or a mom talking directly to her child. It’s all about making a connecting through stories and conversation.

plug-in-300x299Doug Firebaugh wrote, on his blog.360 “The base of Social Media Marketing is about Conversation… but the platform the base is hosted on I believe is CONNECTION. …Conversation does not happen without Connection, and without a reaching out on someone’s part. Connection is the START of where it all happens in Social Media.”

Connection¬† is the foundation that Facebook, Ning,Twitter, and YouTube are built on. My wife, Betsy Ross, a psychotherapist and doctoral candidate, tells me that no matter how amazing the technology, how cool the tools, “If there is no connection, there is no discussion.” There may be an exchange of ideas, but no conversion of points of view. And if you can’t convert, you certainly can’t close a sale. Maybe that’s why banner ads “suck” and social media reins. (more…)