4 Rules for Choosing the Right Keywords

Posted in SEO by lawrenceiross007 on June 8, 2009

Online advertising is more powerful than traditional offline media because you have a far greater ability to target and segment your audience using keywords. Keywords are vital to a web marketing campaign. When compiling a list of keywords (or keyphrases), keep this is in mind:
• Misspellings – if your products name is RegalSin, 10% may type RegalSun. Make sure you are covered (buy up names that are close and redirect traffic).
• Plurals and synonyms – get both
• Adding locations to words and phrases (for both geotargeting and for local search)
• Avoid using too general of terms (example: If you’re are selling wine in Boston, targeting the keywords “wine” is most likely unattainable because of the cost (everyone wants it)
• Avoid focusing on on “the very long-tail”. Long-tail is great – such as “white wine in Boston” but, sometimes you may get carried away: example: how many people will be searching for “inexpensive white chardonnay 1975 Boston Ma”?