4 Quick Ways You Can Benefit from Social Media

Posted in Small Business, Social Media Marketing by lawrenceiross007 on June 7, 2009

You’re a busy attorney, doctor, or home-fixer-upper. You’ve heard a lot about social media marketing, but you can only afford to make a small to medium investment in time (2-5 hours per week –max). Here are four ways that professionals and small businesses owners like you can get a big ROI .

  1. Start a blog
  2. Comment on other blogs
  3. Become an active “expert” on Yahoo Answers
  4. Make and share videos

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What You Should Know Before Committing to a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted in Small Business, Social Media Marketing by lawrenceiross007 on June 7, 2009

socialmedialogosSocial media is more than just another set of channels for selling your products and services — or for promoting your reputation. Social media is, quite frankly, A Lot Of Work! But is more than worth the effort. Here’s what you should know before committing to a social media marketing strategy.

  1. It requires a willingness to engage an audience
  2. It recognize that you  need to maintain a day-to-day presence (or at least 2-3 x per wk)
  3. It requires A LOT of planning (before, during, and after)
  4. It’s everyone’s responsibility (not just the marketing department)


Small Businesses Are Taking Tentative Steps Toward Online Networking

Posted in Small Business by lawrenceiross007 on June 5, 2009

June 4, 2009 NyTimes


BY choice or necessity, successful small-business owners are earnest networkers, gladly shaking hands, handing out cards and attending local meetings to find and keep customers, solve problems, seek feedback or support and bolster their bottom lines.

Now, the Internet is starting to upend those long-established methods; online networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and newer niche sites can be instantaneous and far-reaching.

The sites are efficient and free, which is especially important in an economic downturn, as owners scramble for new customers, said Rob King, vice president for strategic marketing at Sage North America, a unit of Sage P.L.C., a global supplier of business management software and services. (more…)