What You Should Know Before Committing to a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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socialmedialogosSocial media is more than just another set of channels for selling your products and services — or for promoting your reputation. Social media is, quite frankly, A Lot Of Work! But is more than worth the effort. Here’s what you should know before committing to a social media marketing strategy.

  1. It requires a willingness to engage an audience
  2. It recognize that you  need to maintain a day-to-day presence (or at least 2-3 x per wk)
  3. It requires A LOT of planning (before, during, and after)
  4. It’s everyone’s responsibility (not just the marketing department)



The Top Goals of Online Marketing

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The Basics

  • Web Site Traffic
  • Conversions and Sales
  • Page Views & Ad Exposure

The More Complex

  • Growing Brand Awareness
  • Creating Positive Brand Association
  • Business Development & Networking

Now guess what? Social Media Marketing Can Help with All of These Things – drive traffic to your website, increase your page views, help you sell more products and get more clients, expand your network, and enhance your reputation as an expert or go-to person in your field.

Choosing a Blog Topic or Niche

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If you are new to websites and if you don’t have a previously developed blog , then the first step is to find a niche or topic . Finding the correct niche or topic is the most important factor in the SEO process. The topic or niche can be divided in to three according to the competition
1. Highly competative : Highly competitive niche includes credit cards, mortages etc. As the name suggest it takes some takes a lot of time and effort to rank some where in the competitive area.
2. Moderate competition : Moderate competitive areas are where we can get a place in the search engine listing much easily .
3. Low competition : There are areas usually local important like kerala cars,new york city bar,..etc
Finding Your niche for blogging ?
Ask the following questions to yourself ..
• which is my area of interest ?
o Are you a technology freak? are you a good reader of books? are you good in body building ? Try to find your area of interest .
• If i start a site on a topic , can i provide something current sites are nor providing right now?
o I know many new tricks for a computer user which none can’t find in the websites. Then go and build a computer tricks and tips site.
• What is the competition for my niche ?
o Don’t go for highly competitive niches like mortages , loans etc .You can go for such keywords , if you can emply somone for blog promotion or you have a very long time frame .
• Who all are my target audience?
o Find the tareget audience , age ,geographic location (good while deciding about monetisation and advertising ).

Finding Forums That Cover Your Niche

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Finding and participating in forums that cover your particular niche (divorce, country music, house painting) – are an important resource that can help grow your business. Here are just a few reason to join and participate in these “forums”:

  1. Network with people who share your interests
  2. Get content ideas by following which conversations attract the most interest
  3. Drive people directly to your website by putting links in your posts and signature
  4. Getting questions answered
  5. Finding potential content contributors
  6. Getting valuable back links to your website from links in your posts
  7. Find people who can help you with your business e.g. web designers, marketers, etc.

Forum Etiquette

  1. Before participating in a forum spend time following some threads to get a feel for how it works
  2. Try to make thoughtful and valuable comments
  3. Avoid pointless and meaningless comments like ‘good post’, ‘I agree’, ‘lol’, etc
  4. Avoid blatantly promoting yourself, your website or your products
  5. Choose the best forums and participate regularly

    How Can You Find Relevant Forums
    My first port of call is Big-Boards ( This wonderful site lists hundreds of forums covering every conceivable subject.

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    Your Content + Wikipedia = Thousands of Eyeballs (and new clients)

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    you and wikiWhat are the goals of online marketing as a whole!

    The first step is social interaction over the web. Platforms like Wikipedia, or the 90’s forums and chatrooms let users reach thousands of other people.

    Social Media Marketing (or SMM) lets both includes the practice of viral content creation and promotion. By building content on your website that’s  alluring and compelling toa web-based audience, you can attract attention.

    Top-10 Goals for Social Media Marketing

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    Top-10 Business Requirements

    1. What’s the MAIN GOAL of your social media initiative?
    2. What do you realistically wish to achieve… in 6, 12 and 18 months?
    3. What is your current website strategy? Has it been successful? Should it be revised
    4. How well does your social media strategy integrate with you website strategy?
    5. What is the benefit you wish to gain from social media marketing?
    6. Will you focus on members, other practitioners, clients, associates, or a hybrid?
    7. How will you judge success? What metrics will you use?
    8. What internal/external resources can you allocate to development and ongoing maintenance?
    9. What do you expect from your investment and how quickly do you need results?

    Small Businesses Are Taking Tentative Steps Toward Online Networking

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    June 4, 2009 NyTimes


    BY choice or necessity, successful small-business owners are earnest networkers, gladly shaking hands, handing out cards and attending local meetings to find and keep customers, solve problems, seek feedback or support and bolster their bottom lines.

    Now, the Internet is starting to upend those long-established methods; online networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and newer niche sites can be instantaneous and far-reaching.

    The sites are efficient and free, which is especially important in an economic downturn, as owners scramble for new customers, said Rob King, vice president for strategic marketing at Sage North America, a unit of Sage P.L.C., a global supplier of business management software and services. (more…)

    Microblogging for Attorneys – Tumblr

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    Like its cousin Twitter, Tumblr is a microblogging service (max 144 characters) that allows users to postof text messages and links. Tumblr is terrific, because it also allows users to upload photos, audio and video. And like Twitter, Tumblr microbloggers can follow people and have their own “followers,” plus they can “reblog” posts (that’s “retweeting” in Twitter parlance).

    Question: But if Twitter is “the microblogging platform”, why sign up for Tumblr?
    Aswer: You can increase your reach by joining more than one microblogging service. If some of your clients (or prospective clients) are on Tumblr, you should be there too.

    But make it easy on yourself. If you are microblogging on more than one platform, you should consider using a service that will allow you to post once and have your post distributed to multiple platforms.

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